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from BARANOK Families weekend activity to trailblazer brand name:EGGY IT started at 1971 around Konya in a 13 acres of land which bought for family activities. . First 500 chicks have been bought for utilizing fruits and vegetables.Since then it became a small business At first.because of shoddy lures in the market,we’ve decided to open a lure factory for quality lure. In 2004 we have added EGGY brand to our company,and started up a new office in Istanbul. We delivered our stuff from our company center Konya and Istanbul Office.From this date on EGGY brand have took place in supermarket and deli shells around the country. Turkey’s first TSE(Turkish Standart Instutite) certificated egg brand EGGY,working with universities and getting analysis from TUBITAK,started special egg manufacture. With variety of pruducts and new brands; EGGY continues to consolidate it’s place in the market and keep groving. Our Mission At the beginning we said ‘QUALITY FIRST’ and keep going with this mission.We will be in our nations dinner tables as safe and trusted brand. Our Vision Without capitulate our quality,safe.naturel and trusted products;first.becoming a trusted brand and have happy customers.
Our company TUNCLAR GIDA SAN. IC VE DIS TIC. LTD. STI. was founded in Konya in 1989 with 100% domestic capital. The purpose of our company is; using the highest level of possibilities of the age, to p
The commercial life of the DERE family started at the beginning of the 1960s. In 1976, our founder Kamil Dere produced poultry meat and table eggs with fate poultry, which was established in Kemalpasa
Derya Tavukculuk San.Tic.Isl. A.S. was established by Necip Pala in 1983 to be in service of poultry husbandry with 45.000 chicken capacity egg hen and 70.000 chick capacity pullets. The capacity of 1990 increased to 75.000 chickens and in 1996 to 90.000 chickens.

Since 2000 the company renewed its all facilities with the developing technology and production facility having full automatic feeding system, air conditioning system and egg collection system. And the company increased its capacity to 200.000 chickens. Derya Tavukculuk expanded its business with increased capacity feeding facility, egg packaging facility, egg storage units and cold rooms.

Having a place in the market with tasteful and qualified eggs in the result of feed rations the company is registered with deryum brand taken in 2004.

Since 2005  our company is exporting eggs to many country.Our brand mark "deryum" is well known brand. In 2011 we established a new company Derya Yumurta Ith.Ticaret Ltd.Sti which is our export company.

Our member of board Derya Pala is also president of Turkish Egg Producers Association Yum-Bir
Kor Eggs farm is located in the village of Cinardibi in the district of Bayindir, which has rich varieties of fruit and olive groves due to ts fertile land properties and has a distance of about 80 km to Izmir. The founder of our company and our farm, Dr. Ismail Kor, is a scientist who has performed many works and researches in the industry of agriculture as a Professional Agriculture Engineer. By founding Kor Eggs in the year of 1994, he has started producing natural nutrition eggs which is special to consumer appetite in Armutlu Kemalpasa. He has encouraged organic production that is convenient for the ecological conditions of the region by actuating the empty pens in the village of Cinardibi, Bayindir in order to produce Organic Eggs. that is convenient for the ecological conditions of the region by actuating the empty pens in the village of Cinardibi, Bayindir in order to produce Organic Eggs. Organic eggs are brought to the egg storage in Pinarbasi, Izmir everyday and are sent out after they are sorted out and packaged. Thanks to our customers' intense preference, our volume of organic production and number of pens
The company, being established in the year 2000 in Izmir Eski Foca (Old Phocaea) with a 5-person team under the leadership of Hamdi Ekiz, succeeded to become the fastest growing company of the sector increasing its annually egg production capacity from 10 million within a short time to a production of 600 million table eggs. Ekiz Yumurta (Eggs) serves its tasty, healthy and on the palate taste leaving egg production bringing it in a more perfect and more serviceable state compared to the accustomed egg taste. We are sharing our quality with 26 countries Ekiz Yumurta (Eggs) exports to 26 countries and continuous its studies to supply its egg quality to entire continents. Ekiz Yumurta (Eggs), working with its experienced and qualified teams purposing to supply all tables with the tastiest and healthiest eggs in the word, is enriching more and more its product portfolio consisting of 30 varieties by means of R&G activities. Secret of the natural taste coming from the farms on the tables Ekiz Yumuarta’s (Ekiz Eggs’) taste secret is the perfect living environment and entirely natural vegetable feed provided to the egg hens. Ekiz Yumurta (Eggs), who produced the hen feeds in its own facilities, obtains from its egg hens the best quality thanks to its natural dietary schedule. Acclimatization, accommodation, feeding of the hens and egg collection are performed by means of computer supported state-of-the art technological devices. We have trust in ourselves! Because we love our job Ekiz Yumurta (Eggs), adapted honesty against its customers as a principle. Thus, affixing tracking codes to our products we enable our customer to obtain information about the products. It is ensured that the production processes of the eggs are transparently and clearly controllable via tracking systems.